mcCr funded facilities at Cooma Hospital

Over the years mcCr has funded the refurbishment at Cooma Hospital of:

  • Instigate, equip and furnish Oncology Unit.
  • Oncology Unit major renovation in 2017
  • Cancer Care Coordinators room “B” Level
  • Rooms 6 & 7 on “A” Level – palliative care rooms.
  • Palliative care rooms major renovation in 2016
  • Women’s Health Room at Community Health
  • In conjunction with the Cooma Lions Club the “Matrons Flat” in the old nurses quarters was refurbished for use by patients, patients families and visiting medical staff. More information below.
  • The Mary Green Memorial Family Palliative Care Room. More information below

mcCr have donated the following equipment to Cooma Hospital:

  • Beds for palliative care nursing staff
  • Portable oxygen system for palliative care nursing staff
  • Purchase of a navigator probe to allow sentinel node biopsy procedure which is in accordance with best practice for breast cancer surgery ensuring the best possible health outcomes for rural patients. 
  • Purchase of an AccuVein for the Cooma Oncology Unit
  • Purchase of 2 additional treatment chairs and shelving for the Cooma Oncology Unit
  • Hysteroscope and sheath to assist in the diagnosis of intra-uterine abnormalities for the Cooma Hospital
  • Flowtron Hydroven Therapy System for Cooma Community Health to aid in the recovery of lymphatic and venous or mixed arterial and venous problems.
  • Sofa bed chair for Bombala Hospital palliative care ward

The Matron’s Flat

In 2013 mcCr in conjunction with Cooma Lions renovated what is known as the Matron’s Flat on the grounds of the Cooma Hospital. This is a one bedroom flat with a lounge room, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and can be rented by out of town patients receiving treatment and/or families of this patient. Please see the staff at the front office of the hospital for further information and bookings.

The Matron’s Flat was funded by mcCr fundraising events and donations with the Cooma Lions Club providing the labour for free.

RIGHT: The Mary Green Memorial Palliative Care Family Room was officially opened by Mary’s family. From left: Joe, Timmy, Michael and Ted Green.

The Mary Green Memorial
Palliative Care Family Room

2015 saw the renovation of a room on A Level which became The Mary Green Memorial Palliative Care Family Room, named in memory of Mary Green, a great supporter of mcCr who was instrumental in getting the oncology unit off the ground. Mary became the first oncology nurse of the Oncology Unit. Sadly in 2012 Mary lost her own battle with cancer and is still greatly missed by the community. This room was funded by mcCr fundraising events and donations.

Facilities include a sofa bed, TV, equipped kitchenette and dining suite. This room for the use of families of palliative care patients.