The members of the Monaro Committee for Cancer Research committee are:

Office Bearers:
President – Sandy Schofield
Vice President – Carolyn Ewart
Secretary – Michelle Corby
Treasurer – Pat Nichols
Management Committee
Julie Barron, Dale Coyte, Karen McGufficke,
Cathy Gray, Jill Murdoch
and Trish Williams

Life Members – Joey Herbert & Sue Litchfield 
Patron – Barbara Litchfield

Carolyn Allen, Judy Caldwell, Wendy Chapman,
Bev Clarke,
Fiona Cooper, Jacky Dixon,
Sue Eccleston, Anne Egan,
Liz Feilen,
Tracy Frazer, Gaye Kable, Penny Larritt,
Liz Litchfield, Gabrielle McFarland, Michelle McGufficke,
Susan Mitchell, Annie O’Keeffe, Louise Platts,
Jacqui Schofield, Sonja Sim, Lilibet Stephens,
Fiona Taylor, Lisa Towning, Mary Walters and
Denham Williams

Some of the MCCR Committee at the 2014 Garden Party: (From left) Gaye Kabel, Karen McGufficke, Cathy Gray, Carolyn Ewart, Michelle Corby, Denham Williams, Anne Egan, Penny Larritt, Rowena Trappitt, Liza Dyball, Sue Litchfield, Tan Ward, Jacqui Schofield, Sue Eccleston, Dale Coyte, Stephanie Lees, Judy Caldwell, Jacky Dixon, Liz Litchfield, Marie Hampson, Jules Barron, Joey Herbert & Sandy Schofield